PULAU TIDUNG-Berwisata Pulau Tidung

Wisata Pulau Tidung-Cheapest Tour Package Tidung IslandPulau Tidung-Cheapest Tour Package Tidung Island in Indonesia,Tidung the most unique island-Tidung Island is one place / island-based communities in the District of Thousand Islands, Jakarta. In recent years the island Tidung many local tourists ogled even some foreign tourists as a marine tourist location cheap, but no less exotic to other coastal tourist spot in Indonesia.

geographical Tidung Island is relatively close to the mainland capital city Jakarta (which takes only about 2 hours from the Port of Muara Angke Jakarta, or 1 ½ hours from the port Rawasaban Tangerang) make the tourists do not have to waste a lot of time and do not need to spend that on to enjoy comfort sea view.

Beach and the breeze with a wide selection of tourist facilities and water sports such as snorkeling, banana boat, diving, fishing, cycling fun, sightseeing tour around the islands, especially the barbeque and enjoy the culinary see the colorful coral reefs and the sea with fish very diverse in Bridge of Love tip of the island “Tanjungan” is very famous and a tourist icon that Tidung Island.

Another one of the main attraction is the sunset and sunrise are also not want to miss to complete and you want to spoil the view for a moment forget the hustle and bustle of city life and problems of a noisy and congested. Metro Metro 10 in his program puts Tidung Island as the most unique tourist sites in Jakarta, the lovers of the world make traveling more curious and “desperate” to immediately visit to the island that one ini.karena Tourism as tourist-based community.

Wisata Pulau Tidung-Cheapest Tour Package Tidung Island
You will also receive the hospitality of the locals live in houses that have been “packed” into Homestay and themed seafood dishes typical local resident, you also can go around the island by renting a bike from local residents at a cost of only 17 cents per day.

So just prepare your sunbathing equipment and prepare your body for the vitality of adventure at the beach and the ocean, diving with many fantastic spots. “Welcome to the deep blue sea“

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